Photo by Alexo Wandael

Photo by Alexo Wandael


Diamante Pedersoli, Inc. is a design studio that provides interior designs services for high-end residential properties and small luxury hotels.

Diamante does not have a specific style because she likes for her projects to be all unique and to reflect not only her design ideas but also the clients’ needs. Her projects are also a representation of her European background with the blend of the experiences and places that have molded her design sensibilities all these years: A blend of Old and New of East and West.

Diamante is from Rome but moved to the US for college and decided to stay. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with BIA & BFA. Her work experience is remarkable. She started at Peter Marino Architect in NYC and followed a few years later at Stephen Miller Siegel & Nannette Brown. She later worked for Ralph Lauren and for the Lauren Family’s personal homes, as she describes, “an illuminating and incredible experience”. In the most recent projects Diamante started to collaborate with her longtime friend, Carmelina Santoro, an architect. Diamante is currently working both on the East and West coasts on various private projects.

*Architect, Carmelina Santoro